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Without a digital business, you're losing money!

There are over 1 billion potential customers on the internet, waiting to buy something from you. And the easiest thing to sell is what you already know!

Sounds incredible, right?

It's now easier than ever for you to get paid for your knowledge - not just through consulting, but through digital properties. Just set it, forget it, and let it pay you forever!

Here's What A Darkhorse Digital Property Can Do For You

New Income Stream

In just a few hours, you can have your own digital business up and running. The secret is great content! And with AI tools, you can create anything from an e-book to a video course and even an entire website. Once your content is ready, find the optimal hosting platform and get paid for your knowledge!

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Build Your Email List

With a digital property, you can start collecting email addresses from your ideal clients. They're already searching for your product online, so adding them to your list helps you sell more products to them in the future. So, not just one - but an infinite stream of income is created for you to sell to!

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A Literal Copy/Paste Business

Digital properties are the perfect business model whether you hate or love sales. You can choose to optimize your property for purely inbound sales AND you can actively sell your products to everyone you meet. It's a system that works exactly how you want it to - on your own time and budget!

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What’s the Difference Between Digital Products and Digital Property?

This is the most common question we get for anyone trying to start a digital business. Anybody can create digital products these days, post them on sites like Etsy, Shopify, Amazon, etc. Here’s the thing: it’s saturated! So just having a digital product won’t necessarily lead to monetization. What you need, is to think of a Digital Property as two parts: the building and the land. The digital product is just the building, however you need to place it on land that will help increase its value. Darkhorse differentiates by placing your digital “building” in the ideal “land” that will attract customers and monetize it. Even if you don’t sell your first digital product, the “land” where we place it will be ripe for your business to success because you’ll build an email list to which you can continue to sell future products. The real question for you is “what can I build that people will want to buy”?

Of course, you’re free to start with a digital product. In fact, we encourage it so that you get some experience! There are many digital products you can create, from e-books to images to videos and you can even offer your services as a digital product creator on sites like Fiverr. And nowadays, you can use ChatGPT and other AI tools to speed up the content creation process. We’re happy to share our knowledge and information, so you can start with your own digital product anytime!


On the other hand, a digital property requires a much deeper knowledge of web tools, data and marketing strategy to place your digital products in optimal sales situations. Darkhorse has experience with all of these elements and owns close to 100 digital products across tens of digital properties. Our digital properties allow us to be versatile with our business model and grows our business as well as our clients’. Regardless of your choice, Darkhorse can help you create your own digital products and properties to help you build an evergreen online business.

Custom small business solutions with big value

Our ABCD Process To Build Your
Lead Generating Website

01. Active Research

First we need to know about the type of product you want and the industry you're in. This always starts with a free 30-minute consultation so we can suggest the ideal digital property for you. discuss your goals for the website. We then research your market competition and find ways to make your property attractive.

02. Build Out

The second step is to build out your digital product and property. Usually, this happens over 3 days, but can be done sooner as well. We want to get you up and running fast!

03. Customized For You

The third step is integrating your brand identity and content into your digital property. Keyword research, SEO and funnel secrets are involved in helping your property sell.

04. Deliver & Maintain

Finally, once you're happy with your digital property, we handle any maintenance to keep it up and running. However, you have the option to manage your new digital property yourself as well.

We Also Offer Flexibility With Our Service Options

Flexible pricing options puts the power in your hands! We like working long term with our clients, so we’re pleased to offer upfront and long-term agreements . If you’re ever unhappy with our services, just let us know and we’ll do our best to improve, or sadly end our services before your next billing cycle. 

From time to time, we release promotional pricing so that we can help entrepreneurs like you start your business off right, so keep your eyes open!

  • Digital Product Only

  • $197

  • A DFY (Done-For-You) digital product that you can post on your website and sell immediately. Optimization not included.

    What you'll get:

    • Digital Property consultation
    • 1 digital product
    • 1 property page
    • 1 organic or paid funnel
    • Custom SEO content
    • Domain and hosting
  • Evergreen Digital Property

  • $99+/Mo

  • An optimized digital property that pays you forever! With prices starting from just $99+ per month, you will have plenty of profit!

    What you'll get:

    • Digital Property consultation
    • 1 digital product
    • 1 property page
    • 1 organic or paid funnel
    • Custom SEO content
    • Domain and hosting
  • Luxury Digital Property

  • $499+/Mo

  • Evergreen digital properties but way more! Optimized for profit and conversion, these are built for infinite income!

    What you'll get:

    • Digital Property consultation
    • 1 digital product MONTHLY
    • 1 property page MONTHLY
    • 1 paid funnel MONTHLY
    • Custom SEO content
    • Domain and hosting

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