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Our Mission

Helping businesses grow sustainably in an increasingly digital world

Small businesses face high barriers to entry against large companies who dominate their market through sheer capital and volume. We believe all businesses deserve an opportunity to compete on a level playing using creative digital solutions. Combining technology, data and strategic innovation, Darkhorse transforms small businesses into frontrunners that can truly lead their niche.

What is a Darkhorse business?
Our Vision

Network of high quality darkhorse businesses who are niche leaders and business mentors

Our network pushes entrepreneurs and business owners to keep growth as their focus. We will help you with digital tools and expertise that increase your scale, expand your digital presence and track your financial performance through data.

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Our Values

Trust, collaboration and tangible results that solidify our partnership long-term

Growth requires building a network that's invested in it. We take the effort to learn your niche, your strengths and opportunities. We believe in affordable testing so you can invest confidently where returns are best. Our experience is built on a strong network of collaborative learning so that we can fly to new heights together.

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Founder Story


Denver DeSouza


My motivation is to help people realize that infinite growth is possible from the most challenging conditions and to create not just hope, but strategies and examples for success. For me, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a person or a business become the greatest possible version of themselves!


I would say my superpower is unlocking business potential through technology. As the world gets more digital, your customers want a more human experience. If you’re busy working on the administrative tasks of your business, your time with customers, investors, employees and even your loved ones is being wasted. If technology could give you back the freedom of time, wouldn’t you be able to grow at an incredible scale and have fun doing it? Let me show you how!

Accreditations - Certified To Bring You Results

Meet Our Mentors


Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is one of the most renowned self-made billionaires on the planet. An expert in sales systems, marketing and scaling businesses from real estate to services, Grant is the proprietor of the 10X Business Growth program. His life’s ambition, together with his wife Elena, is to reach 8 billion people and help them achieve a level of passive income that supports their family!

We have spent many hours learning from Grant and his team about how to start, run and expand any business using a proven system. We’re exceptionally pleased to share these gold nuggets with you as you grow your business. 

Russell Brunson

Creator of clickfunnels and one of the greatest digital marketers in the world, Russell Brunson is a fast-talking lead generating genius. His innovative concept of generating attention for businesses stems from the revolutionary process of “funnelology” – the study and use of funnels. Russell is the master of free or low cost marketing that converts organic and paid traffic into buyers.


After being coached by Russell Brunson, we’ve simplified the process of designing and building funnels that generate consistent traffic from millions of internet users toward your business.


Paul O'Mahony

The digital business world has people who have mastered multiple income streams and Paul O’Mahony has created a lifestyle of digital businesses. Builder of The ReThink! Academy, Paul is an expert in digital business models, financial mastery and education. Through joint ventures, proven systems, high energy and a touch of hilarity, he has scaled his digital businesses to 8-figures!

Having invested and being personally coached by Paul was an eye opening experience to the possibilities that digital business models can bring to our lives. And nowadays, technology makes it so easy to achieve success for those who are intentional and consistent. We are excited to share our greatest tips from Paul!

Dan Klein & Ippei Kanehara


Dan and Ippei are lead generation gurus who have grown thousands of businesses through lead generating digital properties built on local SEO (search engine optimization). Both are serial entrepreneurs who have tried and tested models like Amazon FBA, Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing, Merch Sales, etc. and they swear by their model of Lead Gen Assets to generate 5 and 6-figure monthly income.

We’ve spent thousands learning about Dan and Ippei’s lead gen assets and have developed over 100 of what we call “Digital Properties”. Our properties generate high-intent leads to business owners and help them grow quickly.  


Dr. Barry Shore, PhD

Professor Barry Shore is a global leader in Lean Six Sigma (LSS), project and product management, and operational excellence. From consulting for top organizations such as GE, Doosan, Hyundai and Deutsce, to speaking at prominent business schools, he has helped businesses maximize their operational efficiency and business performance to become near perfect stabilization and growth systems using LSS.

Since LSS marries the best aspects of project management with direct financial value creation, we use these principles to improve business efficiency and have a positive impact on your business profits!

Rob Llewelyn

Rob Llewelyn is the founder of CXO Transform, a pioneer in the budding field of business transformation. As the digital age grows exponentially, one of the biggest challenges for businesses is taking advantage of the technology and avoiding the almost overnight disruption of industries by software like Airbnb, Uber and Netflix.

Learning from Rob’s THRIVE model for digital transformation, we help businesses create a personalized strategy to not only survive, but build resilience, expand and thrive regardless of economic conditions.

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