Small Business Consulting and Financial Services

If you’re wondering how to start a business, need some small business ideas or looking for help with your small business administration – we are here for you! We consult on your business model and suggest ways to scale or grow. We can develop your business website using search engine optimization (SEO) elements to attract more customers. We harness data and analytics tools to show you tangible results and convert your business processes into value for your customers. Our financial analysts can also review and suggest the best small business loans or grants that will help you expand your business or look internally at optimizing your budget, financial reporting and operating costs. While working with us, we keep you engaged throughout the process and constantly look for new ways to streamline your processes and find efficiency potential. Our goal is to simplify and automate the administrative tasks so that you can focus on your passion and business growth. We are excited to take this journey with you!


Transform the Ways
You Make Money

Q: How can I grow and scale my business efficiently? What does the market look like? Who are my competitors and what are my barriers? How can I attract customers to my website?

A: We focus on your strengths and merge your experience together with leading best practices to future-proof your business model using technology. We can setup a website with strong content that will attract customers to you. Or we can suggest growth prospects that increase your market presence. We'll review your current market share and competition to find lucrative avenues for you to expand your customer base. Remember each company is different and your growth model will depend on the goals you set!


Make Business Decisions
With Confidence (and Data)

Q: How many views and conversions are coming through my website? Can I combine data from different systems? How does my return on ad spend look?

A: We harness data to create reports and dashboards that visually display your performance across multiple datasets. Using secure and verified sources, we ensure you have tangible results from your data, whether it's customer information, website traffic, sales and cost figures, ad campaign results or other data that can improve your business goals. If you don't have usable data, we can help you build custom sources to start tracking and even automate the data into exciting visuals that keep you on track. This translates into useful information and can bring insights that help you make informed decisions!

Finance & accounting

Optimize Your Finances
Focus on What Matters

Q: What is my profit and loss per month? Will I make my quarterly sales targets? How should I make my budget for next year?

A: We use our financial and accounting expertise to check your financial health, assist with accounting and bookkeeping, conduct financial planning and analysis and build your financial models. With over 20 years of financial analysis experience across industry-leading corporations, governments, small businesses, start-ups and non-profits, we offer a range of financial services to help you manage your money. If we can improve your financial processes, you can focus on the important work of running your business!

Process Improvement

Streamline Your Processes
Improve Efficiency & Workflow

Q: How can I manage my time efficiently? Where can we save costs in our business? Can we improve or automate our processes?

A: We use methods from Lean Six Sigma, Agile and Scrum, Design Thinking and Project Management to find time and cost savings or elevate quality in your processes. Our experience with process improvement ranges from inventory management, shipping, financial reporting, digital marketing, strategy execution and company culture. We look for improvement points in your regular processes so that every step of your work adds value to your business. We also frame processes with technology to automate repetitive tasks, so that you can focus on making the big decisions!

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