The digital transformation revolution has been forefront for many businesses since the democratization of global internet software. But most companies chose a strategic approach, weighing the risks and benefits of adopting new technologies. Then came COVID-19. And we had to adapt – fast!

Popular digital technologies that stemmed from the pandemic included video conferencing software like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, filesharing software like G-Suite and Dropbox, and increased use of social networks to promote businesses, e-commerce brands, dropshipping products and more. Much of the strategic approach was replaced by an urgency to create digital revenue streams. 

These avenues can be a cost center for any organization if not controlled and optimized. Many of the small businesses we’ve worked with have mentioned a tapering or reduced reliance on the digital means as the world opens up. More customers in-store require the business representatives’ focus, leaving less time to create content, complete documentation, filing records and analyzing the data. 

Partnering with Darkhorse allows us to automate many of the digital elements of your business – from the lead generation to the data analysis. As we learn more about your operations, we market the best parts to potential consumers. Then we help you to analyze the data from impressions, clicks and interactions with your website and social media and create remarketing lists or better target your content for the ideal audience. 

Our financial models can then create realistic, data-backed projections for future growth so that you can confidently invest in the right digital tools for your strategy. Doing your own research is extremely valuable as you learn more skills that can help. We understand that takes time away from your business, so we’ll happily share the best resources and meaningful content that we’ve come across while helping other clients. We simplify the process for you so that you can dedicate your full attention to customers and increasing sales. We also share expert digital and real-life marketing strategies so that your business and brand get maximum exposure. 

Read more about Our Finance Dashboards to see how we can help!


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